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Hourly Zoom Sessions


1 Hour Session


Basketon's 1 hour Zoom sessions offer intensive basketball coaching for children of all ages and all levels. With the COVID-19 preventing us from hitting the courts, our sessions, done through the Zoom app, focus on maintaining and improving some of the sport's most vital aspects, such as dribbling, proper forms, flexibility, coordination and conditioning. To ensure maximum growth and potential, coaching ratios are generally ten (10) athletes to one (1) coach.

Packages and pricing:

Weekday Package - Monday to Friday, five (5) one hour long sessions - $70

Weekend Package - Saturday and Sunday, Two (2) one hour long sessions - $28

Full Week Package - Monday to Sunday, Seven (7) one hour long sessions - Get one session free! $84


Weekend Package

2 Practices - $28

Weekday Package

5 Practices - $70

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Full Week Package 7 Practices - $84

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