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Our Philsophy

We believe that skills and IQ of the game are mandatory before playing 5 on 5 and should be acquired through repetition such as shooting, ball handling, athletic training, defensive and offensive Drills. Drills are broken down from our coaches by explanation, demonstration, followed by player repetition. We constantly evaluate the player’s progress, detecting errors in techniques and consequently work together to correct these mistakes in an effort to form good habits that players can take with them wherever they go. We like to think of ourselves as enablers, enabling the youth of today develop the skills required to become elite sportsmen, leaders and above all team players. We believe in teaching players to be patient, one first needs to crawl before walking and running. Mastering the core fundamentals is essential to mastering the game. All skills and drills are adaptable by our coaches to a player’s levels so they may receive the maximum benefit. Our ultimate goal is to foster self motivation and self discipline in every one of our players. Failure is a big part of what makes or breaks character. We believe in giving players one set of tools to identify mistakes and another set to mend these mistakes.

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